Guide to End-Game in Warframe

Understanding “End-Game”
Reference to end-game means NPCs ranging from 100 to 300+. This resolves mainly around high-end survival and defense maps/timers.End-Game is easily conquerable with correct:1. Weapons
2. Mods
3. Team Composition
4. Map Knowledge/Positioning

The ‘Best’ Weapons and why.

1. Soma: Simply a very high DPS weapon and output extreme amounts of damage in a short time. If used efficently is a great gun even considering gun economy.

2. Ogris: Great for AoE damage.

3. Synapse: Soma on crack for Corpus.


1. Acrid: Amazing DPS with armor ignoring dot that works really well with multi-hit.

2. Despair: High DPS, armor piercing damage.

3. Kunai: Weaker despair can also ignore most armor.

Mods are very important more making the weapons/warframe as strong as possible.I’m going to go most of the mods used in end-game including in their usefulness and place.Auras1. Energy Siphon: Power regen helps keep flow of power without grabbing orbs.

2. Rifle Amp: More damage.

3. Infested Impedance: Helps keep the speed hacking infested slowed


1. Regular Damage Increase: Serration/Hornet Strike/Pressure Point. These mods are a must as they increase the power of your elemental mods by increasing the base damage of the weapon.

2. Armor Piercing(ArP): Basically 100% recommended using in end-game as armor is what can cause your damage to fall off and allows one to get damage multipliers vs most ‘heavy’ mobs.

3. Faction Damage Based: Useless vs Corrupted(Void). Better to use over a elemental mod unless the elemental mod does double damage multiplier, but still questionable. In most cases you can use the best elemental for the mob and the faction based mod.

4. Elemental Damage Mods: is your friend.
Though for quick reference:
Grinner – Electric/Fire/ArP
Corpus – Electric ArP
Infested – ArP/Fire

5. Multi Shot: Use it increases everything basically.

6. Puncture: Only one I would use Power Throw(Glaive) and Shred. Definitely for glaive, shred is situational though I run it 100% of the time since if you hit 2 mobs it is basically having another multi-shot and your multi-shots piercing through mobs also.

7. Critical Damage/Critical Chance: Hammershot/Vital Sense/Point Strike. Use them on Soma/Synapse for reference if a weapon has 15% critical or higher I believe use them for better damage output.

8. Ammo Mods: Don’t use them, use ammo restore or use ammo properly. You have 2 weapons and the secondaries used in end-game are very ammo efficent. Ogris is basically a ammo god, and Soma/Synpase can drain ammo if used improperly. For reference of the Soma/Synpase. One time going to 250+ corpus mobs I had full ammo only using the soma. I had full ammo when we left and plently of ammo on the ground. I used it every wave when they weren’t one shot by AoE warframes.


1. Trinity:

Energy Vampire: Constant power and can stun a heavy.
Blessing: Immunity to damage

2. Nova:

Molecular Prime: Increases damage done to target, and can explode whole rooms of squishy mobs leaving mainly heavies.
Anti-Matter Drop: Helps drops very high level heavies quicker and can drop large groups easy.
Wormhole: You might be like what? It is very helpful survival when I get that part.

3. Rhino

Roar: Increases all damage.
Stomp: Damage CC

4: Frost

Snowglobe: Besides scorch mobs this makes you immune to damage coming from outside the bubble. Note naplam can set you on fire if you are very close to the end. Also railgun MoAs say hello.
Avalanche: CC/High Damage vs MoAs

5: Mag

Pull: CC/Armor Ignore/Large AoE raidus
Crush: CC (Crush is situational ability in which it is used to basically save a noob that died somehow or got railguned MoA)

6. Volt
Electric Shield: Increases electric elemental damage which is very helpful vs corpus.
Speed: Loot faster to get set-up, quicker positioning, and getting life-support.

7. Vauban

Bastille: Freezes mobs in place great for CC vs shockwave MoAs and infested
Vortex: CC similar to Bastille with some damage.

8. Nekros

Desecrate: Spawns life supports/ammo/mods
Terrify: Worthless isn’t a real word for it, but I find it almost like that. Though it can reduce armor and help with CC. Sometimes I want to question how they ability made it through development with how buggy/slow it is.

Warframe Mods:

1. Focus: Use this if this increases your damage or abilities effects.
2. Constitution/Continuity: Increases how long most abilties last such as snowglobe. Use it to extend abilites.
3. Streamline: Decreases power used for abilites great to maintain power easier.
4. Strech: Increases range of abilties useful mostly all. Note: Strech should be left on Frost in certain cases to give a tighter bubble as the Phobos defense maps so NPCs can’t swarm into it easier.
5. Undying Will: Helps you stay up for your team to get you and keep control of NPCs such if you shockwave MoA’d out of globe/randomly poisoned out of no where(Very annoying)/railgunned.
6. Quick Thinking: Helps you survive against railgun MoA’s/Random Poison.
7. Rage: Helps keep power vs railgun/random poison works well with Quick Thinking.
8. Handspring: Trivial help vs when knockdowned can save a life in certain cases.

Team Composition
Survival CompositionsInfested:
Trinity/Rhino/Nova then either Mag/Vauban/Nekros/VoltGrinner/Corpus:
Trinity/Frost/Nova then either Rhino/Mag/Vauban/Nekros/VoltWhy?

Trinity: Blessing helps get to extraction(I’ll explain in a bit), and get to life support without getting insta-gibbed. Energy Vampire helps keep the CC/Damage/Life support spawning going.

Rhino: Damage Buff/CC/Damage can use charge for speed.

Nova: Slows targets/Massive Damage/Increasing damage to targets

Vauban: CC

Mag: CC/AoE Damage

Nekros: Hi. I spawn life support/ammo/mods. I can also terrify which is buggy and short range and usually involves me being murdered.

Volt: Damage “Buff”/speed running to life supports/extraction.

Frost: Snowglobe.

Defense Composition

Very similar to survival, but CC rules more heavily here then positioning/speed/blessing.


Rhino/Nova/Mag + Extra.

Use your CC and don’t get touched at higher waves. Using high ground where they don’t spawn or jump is recommended. Be quick to stop chargers and keep CC ready. Mag is to stop the cryopod from instantly dying and Nova maintains slow/damage outputs. Rhino is for back-up CC/damage buff.


Rhino/Nova/Frost + Extra.

Sit on cryopod inside of snowglobe keep CC ready and just prime and kill. anti-matter heavies at end of wave. Focus railgun MoA’s.


Easy Mode: Phobos = no scorches. Do the same as Corpus.

Hard Mode: Other maps.

Use similar set-up. Bring another CC such as vauban/mag to keep scorches from instantly causing you lose or burn you alive.


Survival ‘How-To’
There is two end-game survivals ways.First is the timer one. You get high timer.Second is you camp till you want to leave and just kill kill kill kill kill.First can be annoying due to RNG.

Second is only annoying trying to escape.

If you do the first. Recommended bringing a Nekros. So you can keep life support going. Use nekros very efficiently early to keep it going. Make sure trinity has a speed suit on and high duration skills to get the life support nodes later and keep track of their blessing. Sit out of melee mobs usually up high where they can’t jump which is very important with Nova. Use frost snowglobe of course on grinner/corpus.

If you do the second. Find high spot. Infested shooting the sitting ducks use trinity to escape etc. Corpus/Grinner. Same deal, but inside snowglobe.

- Heirku, Guest Author

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