Castanas Secondary Weapon


warframe castanas secondary weapon

Some reinforcements just came in. The Castanas are these nasty remotely triggered electrical death traps.

The way it works is, you toss out up to six of these little suckers and run your under-powered frame off to a chicken corner. While you’re cowering in the corner, you light all six of the Castanas up at once, electrocuting any poor hostile standing near it. They go off like an electricity bomb. Zap!

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Grinlok Rifle (Primary Weapon)


The Grinlok Rifle just became available in the market. It’s nice to see weapons being introduced so soon after the major 12.0 Update. We were surprised to see it so soon, but here it is, the Grinlok Bolt Action Rifle.


Grinlok Rifle


The Grinlok has a 6 shot magazine – other than that, here is the essential data.

Action: Semi-Auto

Fire Rate: 1.7 Rounds / Second

Reload Time: 2.1 Seconds

Physical Damage: 119

Critical Chance: 15%

Critical Damage: 200%

Status Chance: 35%

So, the Grinlok Rifle hits extremely, devastatingly hard – but you get a very limited amount of shots and a lengthy reload.

Also – it’s worth noting that as of 2/12/2014 the in-game user interface refers to the gun as the Grinlock, which I’m sure will be corrected soon.

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Darvo’s Deal PS4 and PC


Darvo has a deal for you. He realizes he’s been a scumbag and wants to make amends.

For PC players, he wants to give you the Paladin Bundle for half price. It comes with the following:

  • Oberon Warframe
  • Magistar Mace
  • Stug Gel Gun
  • Karak Automatic Rifle

For PS4 Players, Darvo has a different bundle, also at half price, consisting of:

  • Nekros Warframe
  • Carrier Sentinel
  • Soma Rifle
  • Ether Reaper

If you want to play either of those two frames now is probably a good time to pick em’ up.

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Update 12 : Zephyr Rises


The long awaited update 12 just hit. Here’s what is in store. Awesome update!


  • ‘Ties That Bind’ – Darvo’s Alert return! For a Limited Time Only, play it before it’s gone!
  • Level Expansion – Hunt for the Grineer in the overgrown forests of Earth!
  • New Game Mode – “Interception” Territory Control Mode! This Mission type is making its debut on Earth, check it out where Mobile Defense missions used to be!
  • New Clan Dojo room available – Build Warframes in the Tenno Research Lab.
  • New Clan Dojo Garden room + 8 new decorations!
  • New Warframe – Zephyr, the aeronautical Warframe (+ alternate helmet!)
  • New Weapon – “Phage” Infested Primary. Get it in the Market or Clan Research Today!
  • New Weapon – “Jat Kittag” Grineer Melee Get it in the Market or Clan Resear...
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What is the Best Warframe?


Which Warframe is the best? This is a very difficult question. Each Warframe has strengths and weaknesses, offering a great deal of customization based on the preferred play-style of the player. One Warframe might be better in a given situation or against a certain enemy, but ultimately the best Warframe for you depends on your preferred style of play.

Let me say it again – The best Warframe fits your play style.

How do you like to play? Are you a FPS player traditionally? Perhaps you would do best with a Warframe more suited for distance. Are you a tank? Is magic your favorite? No one Warframe dominates the field, and when temporary bugs give one frame a freakishly overpowered ability, it gets quickly nerfed...

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A Favor for Darvo PS4 Alert


The PS4 Alert, “A Favor for Darvo” just went live. Darvo is back and he’s got some dirty work for you on a ship he claims to own but doesn’t have possession of.

The alert is on right now (2/5/2014) and ends on 2/7/2014 at 11:50 AM EST

Board the ship through the in-game alert and complete the mission for 9,500 credits and Forma.

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Tenno Research Lab


The next big update will add a Research Lab to the Clan Dojo. Through the Research Lab, you will be able to build a new Warframe.

The pre-requisites for the Research Lab are:

  • Oracle Lab
  • Sufficient Room & Energy
  • A stockpile of Oxium.

Where to Find Oxium?

Oxium can be found in any Corpus level by hunting Oxium Osprey and looting Corpus containers.

The cost of the lab scales based on your clan tier.

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Hotfix 11.9.1 Changes


Hotfix 11.9.1 brings the addition of a new weapon, the Akmagnus (dual revolvers). The other notable changes are below:

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed Immortal Skins occasionally not appearing when in-game.
- Fixed a bug where players were repeatedly falling into a pit

Reduced Base Damage on Akmagnus by 50% (was 88, now 44).

Fixed Ospreys facing the wrong direction when attacking.

So if you have resources to burn, grab the Akmagnus Dual Revolvers.  For pictures and more information on the Akmagnus check out Akmagnus Specs.

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Akmagnus (Dual Magnus)


With Hotfix 11.9.1 came the Akmagnus. Twice the ammo and twice the stopping power of a single Magnus. There have been mixed reviews on the forums, but there usually are. The reload is slower, obviously, since you are reloading two weapons – but with that you get the ability to plug twice as many holes in your foes.



Akmagnus Specifications:

Slot: Secondary Weapon
Action: Semi-Automatic
Magazine: 16 Rounds (x2)
Rate of Fire: 8.3 Rounds/Second
Reload Delay: 3 Seconds
Physical Damage: 44 (20 Impact, 12 Puncture, 12 Slash)
Critical Chance: 25%
Critical Damage: 200%
Status Chance: 25%

Here’s a video of the Akmagnus in action.

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Penny-Arcade has finally discovered Warframe!


penny-arcade warframe

And doesn’t it speak a terrible truth?

Find more Penny-Arcade comics here!

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